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  • Stay Clean™ Technology

    Keeps aquariums cleaner, for longer.

    Tetra® Filter Cartridges and Bio-Bag® Cartridges have always delivered high performance for aquarium owners. But now, we’ve taken them to take to the next level with our revolutionary Stay Clean Technology.

    Stay Clean™ Technology features a unique and innovative Stay Clean™ Tablet, which is the result of 40 lab studies, extensive consumer research, and a 60-day consumer environment test*. This small tablet dissolves steadily over time and, thanks to its active cleaning ingredients, delivers big benefits for fishkeepers like you.

    *Test conducted by Tetra Brand’s Aquatic Research Laboratories, with 20 years of consumer aquarium research experience.

    Stay Clean Technology helps:
    • Reduce buildup on aquarium glass
    • Bind small dirt particles to make them easier to filter
    • Stabilize pH to prevent crashes

    Combine the cleaning power of Stay Clean™ with the performance of our dual-sided floss sleeve (which removes dirt and debris) and our Ultra-Activated® carbon (which removes odor and discoloration) and what you get is easier maintenance, cleaner glass, and healthy water. In other words, with Stay Clean™ Technology you get a better aquatic experience.

    Find Stay Clean™ Technology inside:

    • Medium & Large Tetra® Filter Cartridges, assembly required
    • Medium & Large Tetra® Bio-Bag® Cartridges, assembly required
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